A short description of JAD:

JAD will be a dungeon crawling game in the spirit of "Eye of the Beholder" and "Dungeon Master". It'llbe a multi-level, single player role playing game. You start with a party of four charactersand you can pick up NPC's to extend your party up to six characters. You have to sign one of thecharacters as the leader. The other party member will follow thisone while walking throug the dungeon.

It'll be played in 3rd-person perspective, with to possiblity to switch to the view of the partys leader.

The Editor:
The game will have a simple editor to create new levels the easy way.There will be added a simple but powerful script language (something in the way of Visual Basic programming language). The scripts will be compiled before or interpreted while runtime.

The first running executable of the editor with source you find here.

The game:
There's an executable File available now.
The source code is also available in this ZIP.

The game will be written in straight C, to give newbies a read and use the source code. It's using OpenGL for 3D-Graphics. To keep it platform independent, the SDL-Library is used for inputand multimedia.

The newest version of the SDL-Library can be found here.

CVS is up since a few weeks!